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The Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art (AHNCA) deeply appreciates the generous support of the following sponsors of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide. Their generosity makes it possible for this journal to remain available to all readers free of charge.

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Dahesh Museum of Art, New York, NY

The Fine Art Dealers Association
[FADA members share their expertise through significant exhibitions and informative catalogs, offer quality works of art whose authenticity is unconditionally guaranteed, and enrich the cultural lives of their communities.]

Francis V. Gorman Art Library Endowment, University of Minnesota Library

Dr. Hans A. Lüthy†, Egg, Switzerland

REHS Galleries, Inc., New York, NY

Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York, NY

Schiller & Bodo European Paintings, New York, NY

Michael Schwartz, Galerie Michael, Beverly Hills, CA

Sewanee, University of the South

Amira Zahid

Mervat Zahid Cultural Foundation

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Alderman Library, University of Virginia

Bard College

Blackader-Lauterman Library, Montreal

Coe Library, University of Wyoming

Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba

The Frick Library, New York

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Paley Library, Temple University

Ryerson & Burnham Libraries, Chicago Art Institute

Savannah College of Art & Design

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University of Notre-Dame

Thomas J. Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Washington University, St. Louis


Ebsco Industries Inc.

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide is read and consulted by members of the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art, as well as users of university and museum libraries, collectors, dealers, auctioneers and many others.

The Editors measure readership, via this site's host server, using only the most conservative counting device—the number of "sessions" conducted each month. In May, 2003, for example, 11,012 sessions were conducted. Although this probably does not translate into 11,012 individual readers, it could easily mean more than 6,000 readers—a remarkable achievement for any publication in the field of art history.

Because NCAW's readership will grow most steadily if access remains free to all, the Editors and the AHNCA Board have decided not to implement a subscription fee with password protection of the site. This means that fundraising for the journal—from individuals, foundations, organizations and businesses—must generate the income needed to produce the journal.

For this reason, we invite all readers to make a fully tax-deductible contribution of any size. Donation details can be obtained by emailing the Treasurer, Andrew Eschelbacher at aeschelbacher[at] Thank you.